What is catecoinceo?

The World’s Next-Gen Meme Coin

The next-gen cryptocurrency was created in tribute of catecoinceo, and aims to be most marketing-focused AI Utility memecoin!.The catecoinceo wants to become a next GEM 1000X like his father Catecoin in the near future

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Why CatecoinCeo

Why invest in $CatecoinCeo?

Low Circulation

$CatecoinCeo 3.1% of the Supply will be circulating in the market, with an initial market cap. Of $93k in listing time, and 96.9% burnt and lock, so the price increases very easily.

Liquidity Locked

The project´s liquidity is locked for 1825 days, which means your funds are SAFU!.Catecoinceo wants to presell only 2% of its coins, which will increase its growth at the time of launch


Contracts will be renounced after lounch, making the cryptocurrency fully decentralized.Catecoin with an attractive and combined package included " 5% Reflection for holders,3% BuyBack,2% Marketing and presale reward(50%) and dex holders reward(50%) with vesting preiod expected to get many investors.

Nuclear Marketing

We want to use several strong marketing strategies to generate exposure.For example, in the first days of launch catecoinceo listing through fast track approach in Coinmarketcap and coingecko and AVEDEX 1# Hot Trending on lounch,Dex view trending,Aggressive marketing campaigns,featuring top twitter influencers,youtubers,and ads on significant crypto websites and crypto channels in telegram, AMA with holders and then with binance!

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  • Burnt: 50.05%
  • Big Burn Event: 17.52% (locked with vesting preiod)
  • Cex Listing: 10.41% (locked with vesting preiod)
  • Team: 9.01% (locked with vesting preiod)
  • Marketing:5.01% (locked with vesting preiod)
  • Staking/Farming Pools: 3% (locked with unlock time)
  • Presale: 2%
  • Liquidity: 1.10% (locked)
  • Presale Reward: 1% (locked with vesting preiod)
  • other(check the picture): 0.9% (locked with vesting preiod)

1 BNB = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 $catecoinceo

This round starts the 25th of april, 2023 and is available until the 26th of april, 2023.

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1 BNB = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 $catecoinceo

This round starts the 27th of april, 2023 .(It will be announced later)

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Our Roadmap

$catecoinceo Roadmap

PHASE ‎‏01‏
Launch the Catecoin Ceo Airdrop with vesting period Presale Pink Sale Marketing Campaign ‎
PHASE ‎‏02‏
CatecoinCeo Burn Event Giveaway Pooling and Staking ‎ CoinMarketCap/CoinGecko Listing ‎ More Marketing Campaign ‎
PHASE ‎‏03‏
Certik Audit Onboarding Catecoin Swap (Decentralize ‎Exchange) CatecoinCeo Burn Event‎ CEX Listings
PHASE ‎‏04‏
Giveaway‎ NFT Marketplace Release‎ Catecoin Ceo Game ‏40,000‏ Telegram Members ‏50‏‎,‎‏000‏‎ Holders‎
PHASE ‎‏05‏
Catecoin Wallet ‏Catecoin Ceo Token Burn Event Influencer Awareness Partnerships ‏More Partnerships‎ Big CEX Listings
PHASE ‎‏06‏
‏‏100,000‏‎ Telegram Members ‏‏200,000‏‎ Holders It will be announced later.‎

$catecoinceo Docs

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  • Tokenomics
  • Innovations
  • Roadmap
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Meet the Team

Our Founders

Mark Copler


Alex Morfi

Head of Design

Yoshi Okabe


John Garxes

Project Advisor